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Donations can be made to Yorkshire MESMAC by sending a cheque or postal order to Yorkshire MESMAC, 22/23 Blayds Yard, Swinegate, Leeds, LS1 4AD. Donations are used to support the work of our volunteers. If you would like us to use your donation differently, please let us know by clicking here to email us or by calling us on 0113 2444209

Welcome to the BLAST Project website!

To tell us about people you think are grooming you, your friends, or other boys and young men online or in the real world click on the 'REPORT IT NOW' button on the right.

About Us
The BLAST Project (part of Yorkshire MESMAC Group of Services) is the UK’s leading male only sexual exploitation service supporting and working solely with boys and young men who have experienced, are experiencing or are at risk of experiencing child sexual exploitation (CSE).

Our Mission
We are also concerned with the wider issues of inequality, inaccessibility and barriers regarding male CSE and are committed to tackling these issues on a local and national level.

Our ethos and service user centred approach means we put the needs of the boys and young men accessing our service first by following their lead, building a positive relationship and providing them with support and information that can help increase their safety and understanding, lower their risk and provide them with the skills and resources needed to engage in safer behaviours and make safer choices.

urthermore our approach means that we provide boys and young men with opportunities to make informed choices without forcing, pressuring or steering them or focusing on any other agenda.

Whilst always sharing safeguarding concerns appropriately we are respectful of the rights of the boys and young men accessing our services and of the choices they make regarding engagement or decision not to engage with services.

We are committed to maintaining our ethos, advocating for the boys and young men we support and ensuring that whilst working in partnership with other services and professionals that our individual identity is maintained.

Red Button

My New Friend
Please click on the image below to view our two minute video 'My New Friend' which highlights the grooming and sexual exploitation of boys and young men. Please share this as much as possible to help us raise awareness.

Our History

York St Johns College commissioned to carry out research regarding sexually exploited boys and young men in Bradford.

Since 2002 we have provided thousands of boys and young men with support and information on male grooming and sexual exploitation. 

Findings from the research were published.

The BLAST Project was established and supported boys and young men in Bradford.

The BLAST Project extends to Leeds.

The BLAST Project arranges the first ever West Yorkshire CSE Conference.

The BLAST Project extends nationally.

The West Yorkshire CSE Conference becomes the Yorkshire CSE Conference.

The BLAST Project launches the online drop-in which offers information and support regarding grooming and sexual exploitation to boys and young men across the country.

The specialist work of the BLAST Project is acknowledged in the Department for Education's Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Action Plan Progress Report (2012) on pages 3, 6 and 9. 

The BLAST Project launches their national helpline for boys and young men.

The BLAST Project launches the 'THINK AGAIN' DVD and resource pack which contains three short films and various activities which highlight the grooming and sexual exploitation of boys and young men. The resource is sold to professionals nationally.

The BLAST Project launches the 'Excellence for Boys' project which sees two full time national development workers working with existing CSE organisations to ensure their services are accessible to, and inclusive of boys and young men.

The BLAST project launched the BASE2 campaign - Boys Are Sexually Exploited Too - which included

  • Five posters aimed at boys and young men with details on how to access information, get support and report concerns
  • A guide for professionals 
  • A pocket sized booklet for boys and young men providing information on sexual exploitation
  • A 2 minute video entitled 'My New Friend' highlighting the grooming and sexual exploitation of boys and young men
  • A 30 minute video entitled 'Same Risk, Different Gender' aimed at professionals encouraging them to make judgements based on risk indicators, not gender

The BLAST Project team grew significantly in size with the appointment of a new development worker. This post was funded by income raised solely by the BLAST Project

Funding was secured to create a resource aimed at children in primary schools which teaches them about grooming and child sexual exploitation in an age appropriate way.

To date there is no other CSE project in the country that supports only boys and young men.  

The BLAST Project has provides support and information to thousands of boys and young men across the country, and the specialist work of the project often attracts local and national media attention. 

The BLAST Project is regularly invited to represent boys and young men at local and national conferences, forums and subgroups, including being invited to feed into policy development with the Department for Education. 

Please contact us to find out more.